What got you into science?

I enjoyed watching Gavin Schmidt’s TED talk on climate models, and wondered if such a thing might inspire a new generation of climate modellers. Keen to find out about the way that others have wound up in science, and in rather a fit of whimsy, I asked a question on twitter:

I got lots of lovely responses, some of which I’ve commented on below. The full list is storified here. Please do add  your personal journey in the comments, or even better tweet me at @dougmcneall.

And me, what got me into science?

One answer is the four individuals who, at critical points, were prepared to take a risk on me. Another is an astonishing web of people who played a part – inspirational teachers, supportive parents, science communicators from Hawking through Hofstadter, peers, colleagues, and friends.

What got you into science?


















One comment

  1. Are you going to EMS in Prague?

    The session, How I became a scientist – reporting on the right steps in the right direction and possible stumbling blocks to overcome, may be interested in a 5 minute summary of the replies you got.

    Hofstadter is definitely a huge inspiration, especially his work on trying to understand creativity by coding creative programs, but came to late for me. I guess science was always the fun option on the short run, maybe I should have looked more at the future. Labour conditions could be better.

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