I am a climate scientist and statistician at the Met Office Hadley Centre, UK and the Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter.

You can probably find me on twitter @dougmcneall, or at TikTok, or email climatestats at gmail.

You can find some of the projects I’m working on at my github page.

If you’re interested in statistical graphics, you might want to check out my other blog, Better Figures.

Opinions expressed here are my own, and do not represent the views of my employers.




  1. […] the same imagery problem, here is a Twitter exchange from John Cook, the developer of the app and Dr. Doug McNeal from the Met Office on the issue (h/t to Barry […]

  2. […] My main objective is to collect examples. (You know me, I like to do that.) I expect you, dear ClimateBall ™ player, to play the man even if I’m telling you to play the ball. That’s OK. I accept this, but please don’t push it. At the very least, try to abide by Doug McNeal’s rule: […]

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