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Blogs from working climate scientists

James Annan/Jules Hargreaves – James’ Empty Blog

Climate prediction, uncertainty, climate sensitivity and paleoclimate. And photographs. Usefully outside the IPCC mainstream (sometimes). Previously based at JAMSTEC, Japan, now freelance.

Oliver Bothe – 14er Stock

Science, Politics, Meteo. Based at Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Physics, Germany.

Jason Box – Melt Factor

Ice and climate, particularly Greenland. Authoritative. Based at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

Mark Brandon – Mallemaroking

Pleasingly poetic sketches of Polar research. Based at the Open University, UK.

Chris Colose – Climatephys

Mostly technical discussions of atmospheric physics and planetary dynamics. Based at the University of Albany, USA.

Judith Curry – Climate etc.

Useful but sometimes frustratingly information-free aggregator. Based at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Bethan Davies – Antarctic Glaciers

Does a great job of “Explaining the science of Antarctic glaciology”, based at University of Reading, UK.

Simon Donner – Maribo

Coral reefs and climate change, but also issues of science communication.

Tamsin Edwards – All Models Are Wrong

But some are useful. Detailed, frank and engaging look at the way models are used in climate science. Based at Bristol University, UK.

Angus Ferraro – A tiny soapbox for a PhD student in climate science

Climate dynamics, communication, and perspectives on thesis writing. Based at the University of Reading, UK.

Grant Foster – Tamino’s Open Mind

Climate myth-debunking focus with a statistical bent. Affiliation a bit mysterious.

Peter Gleick – Significant Figures

Water issues in a changing climate. Based at the Pacific Institute, USA.

Ed Hawkins – Climate Lab Book

Open climate science, uncertainty, climate models, observations, climate impacts. Carefully backed up scientific points, illustrated with novel graphics. Based at Reading University, UK.

Ellie Highwood – Adventures in climate science, academia and life

Perspectives on being an academic in climate science, as well as on the science itself. Based at the University of Reading, UK.

Julien Emile-Geay & Kevin Anchukaitis – Strange Weather

Wide ranging climate, weather and paleo blog. Based at University of Southern California, and Woods Hole, USA, respectively.

Robert Grumbine – More Grumbine Science

Focuses on communication of climate science and modelling to non experts. Useful in that. Based at NOAA.

Isaac Held’s Blog

Super technical climate dynamics for climate scientists. Based at the mighty GFDL, USA.

Sophie Lewis – Honeybees & Helium

Australian Paleoclimate researcher on climate science and society (and yes, honey bees and helium). Based at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne.

Torleif Markussen Lunde – Open Malaria Warning

Mainly health and malaria under climate change, but useful deviations from that. Based at University of Bergen, Norway.

John Nielsen-Gammon – Climate Abyss

A broad discussion of climate issues, with occasional technical detail for scientists. Based at Texas A&M, USA.

Stephen J. Phipps’s blog

A blog from Research Fellow in Climate System Science, based at UNSW Australia. A bit early to call the contents yet.

Andy Russell – Our Clouded Hills

Comments on climate science news stories and interesting papers, particularly the Arctic and Extreme events. Based at Brunel, UK.

Richard Telford – Musings on Quantitative Palaeoecology

Like it says in the title, but with useful R code snippets and pointing out of silliness. Based at Bergen, Norway.

Victor Venema – Variable Variability

Just about everything in this one, but particularly useful if data homogenization is your thing. Based at Bonn, Germany.

Robert Wood – Cloudscapes

Nice pics and scientific context on clouds. Based at University of Washington, USA.

Climate blogs from groups and institutions


Climate365 (NASA)

Earth System Science @ Exeter (University of Exeter)

Exeter University MOOC blog (Tim Lenton)


Real Climate

The (grand?)daddy of by-climate-scientist blogs.

Other climate-y blogs worth reading

William M.Connolley – Stoat

Steve Easterbrook – Serendipity

Roger Pielke Jr’s Blog

Eli Rabett


  1. Barry Woods · · Reply

    Roy Spencer ? still working on Aqua?

  2. What about Mauri Pelto’s “From A Glacier’s Perspective”?

  3. […] mostly their own research.   Doug McNeall has compiled a list of blogs from working scientists [link].  From this list I follow Ed Hawkins, Tamsin Edwards and Isaac Held.  Note, McNeall describes […]

  4. pdtillman · · Reply

    John Nielsen-Gammon’s “Climate Abyss” blog has been inactive since January of 2014. He occasionally contributes to the Climate Change National Forum:

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