Abuse of climate scientists on social media

I was quoted in this piece in the Observer by Anna Fazackerly, on why climate scientists are being targeted for abuse on social media. Ed’s tweet about it generated lots of interactions, many of them (e.g.) – inevitably – conforming the report’s basic premise.

I had an interesting chat with Anna, and I think she chose a fair and representative quote from me, given that I wasn’t at all keen to directly criticize Twitter etc. The only disappointment was that all the scientists quoted in the article are career-established white guys, given that just about everyone else receives a disproportionate amount of abuse on social media. Ironically, they even used a picture of Fredi Otto, given she wasn’t quoted in the main body of the article. My guess is that a longer story was cut down in the subediting process, but I’ve not confirmed that.

UPDATE: Laura Paddison from CNN has a different take on a similar story, also with a quote from me. ‘Murderers’ and ‘criminals’: Meteorologists face unprecedented harassment from conspiracy theorists

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