Communicating climate change through social media

I updated my previous talk for scientists on surviving social media for a more general audience – this time for MSc students. They were an engaging bunch, and a 50 minute lecture stretched into a two-and-a-half-hour mega discussion, which obviously I’m all for.

One thing that came up is that one of the students was quite disheartened by my presentation, or at least the first two thirds which focuses on the threat of disinformation. She seemed to feel that it might not be worth engaging online, what with all the trolls and bots etc. I replied that disengaging people was one of the tactics, and the thought that my presentation might do that was a disaster! I hope the final third was more inspiring, and I’ll remember next time to be more positive about the benefits of social media.

I’ve started writing more extensive notes (almost scripts) for presentations that I give online.



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