Constraining the carbon cycle in a land surface model – a talk for EGU23

I’m attending the EGU 2023 assembly this week, and gave a talk on our latest paper Constraining the carbon cycle in JULES-ES1.0.

Attending online works fine, but doesn’t give you all the bonuses of meeting in person, getting the lowdown on the coolest talks coming up, and catching up with old colleagues and friends.

One bit of feedback is that as a presenter who hasn’t been to EGU before, it’s really hard to get an idea of how many people are in the room. I thought I was presenting to around 15 people, but it turns out the talk was pretty well attended, as can be seen in this picture from Dr Liz Cooper. I’m not sure if that just would have been worrying, and so maybe shouting into the void is best.

We use History matching and Gaussian process emulators to find variants of a land surface model, JULES-ES1.0, that look like the real world. We get a bunch of “alternative histories” of the carbon cycle since the industrial revolution that are consistent with our observations of the recent carbon cycle.

The abstract is here, the talk slides are here and the script for my presentation is here.

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