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Abuse of climate scientists on social media

I was quoted in this piece in the Observer by Anna Fazackerly, on why climate scientists are being targeted for abuse on social media. Ed’s tweet about it generated lots of interactions, many of them (e.g.) – inevitably – conforming the report’s basic premise. I had an interesting chat with Anna, and I think she […]

Communicating climate change through social media

I updated my previous talk for scientists on surviving social media for a more general audience – this time for MSc students. They were an engaging bunch, and a 50 minute lecture stretched into a two-and-a-half-hour mega discussion, which obviously I’m all for. One thing that came up is that one of the students was […]

More on surviving social media

I updated this talk [download slides] from last summer (time flies!), offering some personal thoughts on surviving a sometimes-hostile social media environment. [The sound gets better after I decide to hold the tiny mic rather than have it stuck in my shirt.] I was talking to my peers this time, so the mood is somewhat […]