Behind the scenes at the new podcast from the Met Office

I’m pretty excited to be part of the regular team for the new Met Office podcast, Mostly Weather. We’re trying to capture a fun, relaxed and hopefully interesting discussion of science, history and little-known facts about weather and climate. I’d like to think that we hit the nerdy-but-accessible sweet spot.

Podcast recording

Podcast episode 3 recording – Phil, Claire, producer Jonathan, Niall, producer Simon.

We’ve a couple of episodes already up [history of weather forecasting][clouds], and another in the can ready to go before Christmas.

One of the great pleasures about doing this sort of thing is that we’ve got loads of interesting people here at the office who *know* stuff, so I’ve already learned a bunch. I got to interview Philip Brohan about the Old Weather project, we’ve a regular slot from Catherine Ross in the Met Office archive, and there will be lots of people joining the regular team as we go on.

I’ll be shoehorning in as much climate science as I feel I can get away with.

We’ve got some good feedback already [often along the lines of “this was more interesting than I expected”, which is a welcome if backhanded compliment], and we’d always appreciate more. You can leave feedback and reviews on iTunes, or email If you’ve any questions for the team, you can tweet me @dougmcneall or Niall @niallhrobinson directly.


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