More ways to win at twitter

Here is a further list of ways to win at Twitter*. Some other ways can be found here.

7. Be heard

Demand that your opponent reads everything that you ever wrote, on any subject. If they haven’t, or they won’t, chide them for being ignorant or narrow minded as appropriate.

8. Victim Bully

Victim bully. Use claims that your opponent has wronged you to gain leverage over them. This works especially well if you have harried or frustrated them into being robust with their language.

9. Flat out hypocrisy

Accuse your opponent of the very thing that you are doing right now to gain advantage over them. It doesn’t matter what it is.

10. Hold them responsible

Hold your opponent responsible for the actions of their entire group, or culture. Demand that they show penance by calling out every example of the behaviour you don’t like. Be sure to gleefully point these out.

11. Demand answers

It doesn’t matter if your questions are relevant, interesting, or important. Keep demanding. Proclaim loudly that your opponent won’t answer your questions, and that, really, the answers to the questions are the important thing.

12. Be disappointed

Make it clear to your opponent, you are disappointed in them. Look, you expect a higher standard of behaviour and/or argument from them, and really, they’ve let you down, they’ve let their family down, but mostly, they’ve let themselves down.

13. Change the subject

If all else fails, and you’re still losing your argument, you can always LOOK: A SQUIRREL!!!!


Note* Just in case you are deficient in irony, I’m not really advocating using any of these tactics, just pointing out some of the ploys that have been used against me on Twitter. Be nice out there.





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